Max hospital saket New Delhi a life saver or a death trap ?
My concern here is not just my concern...it is the concern of many people who go through this agony at Max hospitals on a daily basis. My bhabhi was admitted in the emergency of Max hospital in the evening of 31st Aug 2015 with a complication of constipation(not passing of motion for the past few days) and she was talking and in senses. The doctors on duty put her on the drip to inject fluid in her body and she was moved to the medical ICU on the sixth floor. She was fragile as she had been suffering from encephalitis. Without even bothering much about her condition and her past history, they just injected almost 2.5 litres of fluid into her which was very difficult for her system to absorb. Something ruptured inside and further complications set in. Next day passed in uncertainty as we were not clear what was happening with her. During night they wanted to do some surgery to take out the waste but couldn't do as she was not stable. During night she was put on a ventilator and her condition started deteriorating. Hypoxia had set in the brain and we were not even aware of it. They put her on dialysis and and started very strong doses of antibiotics. In a few hours she suffered a major cardiac arrest and since she was already on ventilator, she survived. Actually she was brain dead and they carried on the ventilator. The worst part was the doctor's pressure to get her operated in that condition(which was not at all the case for surgery at that stage). Later on after few hours the same doctor(won't name him as they all work for the profitability of the hospitals) told us that the surgery was not the option at that stage. They kept dragging on one pretext or the other till she breathed her last at on the night of 4th sep2015. What I want to share with you all is that the hospitals are working like industry. Their main focus is not curing the patients but dragging the treatment and increasing their agony so that they can extract the maximum money from them. I spoke to almost all the attending people(whose loved ones were in the ICU) and they were all going through the same agony and cursing the hospital authorities. Everyone is made to pay the exorbitant bills and dealt with mercilessly. Doctor's profession used to be the noble one and pious but most most of them have connived with the hospitals and have become ruthless at heart. Is there any humanity we can look forward to?
quixoo Jay S
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