Social Anxiety
I am in class 10 I feel very afraid in social situations I have very rare friends even in them i have got no good relationship I have no gf I cant make new friends I am very optimistic and own a high self-esteem I cant openly talk to new people I cant explain my feelings properly to others I avoid talking to new people I avoid going to party and remain indoor I am a master in maths , problem solving , iq , etc I have got prizes for my physics work many times Even I have got prizes for sports I was bullied in my childhood and that fear has made me like this I cant overcome that fear Without any reason I become nervous I can adapt to change rapidly I will try my best to cure my problem I am my own unique kind I have a good personality Inspite of these trys I cant cure my problem Thank you I need counselling
Avisek Agarwal
Asked about - Personal Issues