Possessive verbally abusive boyfriend
Well..from where do I start..love and possessiveness goes hand in hand.. but excess of everything is bad. I share a relation of 3 years with my boyfriend, who was my classmate in college and currently we both have started our career by working in good IT companies. 3 years earlier we both had a liking at first sight and eventually through social media chit chats and meeting at the college .. we started to date each other.. the interests we share were uncommon.. i'm the geek bookish type girl who is lost in her fictional novel fantasies.... and he.. totally opposite.. the cool guy of the college..cheeky..and so on..but he had a image a casanova ( which he admitted himself ) that i adapted to with a silent wish that i could improve him.. we used to go on dates and had a relation which a consenting couple can share... but through the course of time...the ugly side of his start getting revealed..the guy is really possessive... earlier i used to get happy because possessiveness is a sign of love ... but the scenario keep getting changed... he gets really damn mad when i talk to any other guy .. he verbally abuse me.. calling me W#*%#* S*** and the worst of the words one can imagine.. i have given him the assurance a million times that he is the centre of my world.. but he.. he even went to the extent to physically hurt me.. i feel like i have become his physical toy.. whenever he wants to fulfill his needs ... he sugar coats his words and afterwards the same harassment... i tolerate all his behaviour in the hope that some day he will become nornal and we will live a joyful life .. but he.. the problem with him is contantly increasing.. i think he is a psycho..i want to get a solution of it
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