mera kya hoga
I think I have migraine .. Just after smoking one ciggarete , My headache starts and nausea happens and pains for 2 hours.. My fingers start trembling and shivering very hard , and I start sweating very hard.. The headache is very sharp I become sensitive to light and sound and unable to do any movements.. The same happens after smoking hookah shisha .. I think I have migraine because , If I do extreme exercise , I'm gone then nausea happens , severe headache occurs to me for a long duration , so I cant do exercise , or smoke ciggarete or hookah .. I cant even travel in car.... motion sickness is my problem... when I travel in car all those exact things happen to me just like after smoking ciggarete , nausea occurs , severe headache ... Plz some1 help me , I cant live like this... If I do much physical works then headache is sure.. during headache I cant do anything...
Avisek Agarwal
Asked about - Medical