What is Quixoo.com ?

Why should I use Quixoo.com instead of just searching the Internet?

When you submit a query at quixoo.com you get replies based specifically on your query, whereas searching the internet will give you random results which might confuse you.

How do I post a problem to Quixoo.com ?

Write your query in the specific text box-select a category-check’Anonmymous’ (if you wish so) -add a picture (if you wish so) and then submit.

What’s the use of "Bless" on quixoo.com ?

The greatest joy is the joy of blessing someone. Our blessings to others will give them the power and strength to overcome their difficulties. The blessing given to others eventually come back to us… multiplied.

How to "Bless" someone on quixoo.com ?

Click the ‘Bless’ tab – you will see two options, ‘Bless’ & Blessings’. Click the ‘Bless’ tab again and select any one pre written blessing or you may write one in the text box given there.

What is the use of follow button ?

When you ‘follow’ someone, you will be notified of all the activities of the person you ‘followed’.

How to post the writings on quixoo.com ?

Write your ‘writing’ in the specific text box-check ’Anonmymous’ (if you wish so) -add a picture (if you wish so) and then submit.

How do I ask an expert ?

After you log in just write your question and choose your category before finally submitting it.

What if the category I am looking for is not listed ?

We can add it for you! All suggestions are welcome.

What do you do with my e-mail address ?

We use your email address to send you timely email alerts. Unlike other sites, we do not and will never give out or sell your e-mail address. Under no circumstances would we allow your e-mail address to fall into anyone else's hands.

Can I delete a question I posted ?

Unfortunately no. We only remove items that violate our community guidelines; otherwise, they are here to stay. This helps other users currently looking for that very answer, as well as future users looking for that same information down the road. Therefore, choose your words wisely! But still, if you have a specific need for removal of a question we would like to hear about it. Please get in touch with our customer support team to explain the circumstances.

Is there a way to directly contact quixoo.com Customer Support ?

Yes, you can reach us with an email to customer care. Please click here to send a message to quixoo.com.

How long will it take to answer my question ?

You will be served as soon as possible.

How can I personally contact the Expert ?

As soon as you post a question, you will get all the desired information from the experts reply to you.

Do I have to pay for the questions I ask ?

No, this service is absolutely free for you.

I forgot my ID and password ?

Your ID is the email address you used when you applied. Click Forgot Password and we will email a new password to you.

I have read through this FAQ, but none of the above applies ?

Please click here to send a message to quixoo.com system administrator.

How to become an expert at quixoo.com ?

You have to submit your credentials to us to make us understand that you have the qualification to act as an 'expert' at quixoo.com. We will then issue a Sign to be used with your name after verification. You may email us at 'support@quixoo.com'.

I am not receiving email alerts about new questions!

You may not be receiving our email messages because your mail client or service is marking us as SPAM. If this is the case, you will find quixoo.com alerts in your junk or bulk mail box.

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